Eye clinic

well little poppet, you got discharged from the baby eye clinic a couple of days ago woohoo. Every milestone and all that. The Dr said he was really worried about you when you were born that your blood vessels wouldn’t form properly etc but he’s really pleased with you! You move into the big kids eye clinic now just to check your vision etc moving forward. 

Had your physio appointment also but they said its way too early to tell anything about your development so you will need to attend the physio for quite a while I think. It’s amazing that the NHS are able to provide this level of after care. I’m so thankful for everything. 

Will find out tomorrow when your next sleep study is. One night this week I hope as the tubes are annoying you so much. Woke up this morning and you had ripped them off your face! God knows how long you didn’t have them on for haha



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