Day 96

6lb 3oz…. Whaaat! How good is that little lady?!

I can’t believe it. Still a tiny wee thing in your “up to 5lb” clothes.

You sucked a whole 2 feeds today which is good. They cut a hole bigger in the teat so fingers crossed that works and you’ll be sucking them all. I can only hope.

No incidents today. So that means you’ve not had an incident in 2 days. Maybe you have turned a corner and you’re all better. I’d love that so much.


4 thoughts on “Day 96

  1. Kim. Try getting NUK teats with a cross cut feed hole.
    They worked for Arran xxxxx

    Well done Olivia. Your Wishaw hotel stay will soon be over. Xxxxxx

    PS. Do you have a sensor pad for her cot or moses basket? They’re invaluable for babies like ours xxxxxx


    • Hi mary. I got her the fast flow teats for the tommy tipee bottles i have for her and they work a treat!

      I really hope it will all be over soon. 14 weeks tomorrow.

      Yeah i just bought an apnea mat. Ill be scared to put her down anywhere without it haha xxxxxx


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