Day 70

Whoops a bit late in updating you about yesterday.

Still doing good baby. Your pressures were put down to 4.5 and 2% oxygen. Hopefully that means you are still getting stronger.

You’re now 37 weeks! And 10 weeks out mummies tummy. It just seems like you’ve been in the hospital for forever. I can’t picture in my head when I will get you home. I want pick you up and never put you down. I love you so much.

It was a bit of a sad yesterday that’s why I didn’t update until now. There was a horrific crash in Glasgow that killed 6 people and many others injured. Mummy and daddy where there when it happened. Daddy seen things that I wish he hadn’t. Couldn’t get out of town either. We’re stuck in a car park for hours! Also mummy’s neighbour has taken very ill so our prayers are with them too.

Not such a happy Christmas.

I hear Santa will be coming to visit you in hospital on Thursday! How exciting. Hope you’ve been a good girl.



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