Day 58

I think I can safely allow myself to say I think the worst is over?

I’ve tried not let my guard down for so long but I just can’t do it anymore. Every time I see you my heart just melts and I feel so so happy with how you’re doing. You are so brave and so strong Olivia.

The lump on your arm is basically gone so your Antibiotics have been stopped. (You pulled the cannula out your head but they were going to stop the antibiotics anyway – just 10 hours earlier than they had planned)

The Drs are deliberating whether or not to give you another transfusion. You’re in no rush for it but you’re still just a bit too pale.

We were changing your nappy when you decided to projectile poop all over the incubator haha so we changed you again…. Then you pooped… Again. 3rd time lucky.

Your weight hasn’t changed. I was hoping you had increased again but you haven’t. You lost grams apparently. The infection in your eye looks better already. I just love you olivia and I want to get you home. It doesn’t feel right without you.




2 thoughts on “Day 58

  1. One day you will look back and this will all just be a little “blurp” in her life. Days that seemed to have drug on and on endlessly in what seems like the darkened tunnel with no light, will all be over. You wont forget it but you will laugh at how tangled up you got! She’s looking awesome!


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