Day 31

Arrived at the hospital tonight to see you’re now in 8ml of milk and tolerating it well 😊 you will be a wee fatty in no time!

You had your eyes tested today and didn’t like it as I expected. Nurse couldn’t see the notes from the eye dr, so I’m not sure what the results are. All I know is that they are going to check them every Thursday. Will try find out more tomorrow.

They are planning to take you off the ventilator tomorrow if you behave overnight tonight. I know it’s a good thing for you to be taken off it but I can’t help but be nervous after what happened the last time they took you off. It needs to be done before you become dependent on it. I just pray that your lungs don’t collapse again.

Everyone was commenting on much bigger you look. Sammi made a wee picture to show the size difference. I can see it when I look at this picture.



2 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. Aunty Sammi kimlarr. Thankyou 🙊. Your going to be nervous nothing will stop that you no she is in the best place blah blah ect ect. I will be thinking about her all day and praying! For you aswell sweetheart. Your doing great remember that 💋


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