Day 30

Well olivia, you are up to full feeds and tolerating it so far! Fingers crossed it stays that way.

I spent 4 hours by your side today. You were pretty unstable, having to be resuscitated one time. I wish it wasn’t like this I really do. You are officially 2lb 8oz. You were weighed again this morning with all your tubes out and splints off so it was an accurate weight.

Another brain scan was completed. Your bleed is still there so I’m told. A bit disheartening but I keep being told that it’s nothing to worry about. The Dr was checking to see if there was any damage to your brain from all the oxygen you have been getting but he said everything is looking good. Some good news at least.

Tomorrow you are getting your eyes tested. The nurses tell me that all babies hate getting it done. It’s pretty quick but they give you eye drops to numb the eyes and that’s the big babies hate. I’m pretty nervous about you getting it done due to how much you hate being handled never mind all this. I’m praying for every day baby.

We love you. ❤️



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